Influencia de los colegios universitarios salmantinos en la sociedad del Antiguo Régimen

  1. García Perales, Nuria
  2. Cáceres Muñoz, Jorge
REDEX. Revista de educación de Extremadura

ISSN: 2173-9536

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 4

Pages: 99-118

Type: Article

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The Salamanca collegiate institution during the sixteenth century has an important role as a generator of professionals serving instruments created by the Crown and government of his dominions. This work is explicit certain social role in this work have touched on two fundamental aspects: to maintain through training collegial to the state machinery, and to help replicate that moden in the new continent. Also Salamanca coleges nurture the church of the Tridentine reform of the ecclesiastics in its work that needs regenerating. Church and State indisoluble unión supported by the colleges of the University of Salamanca.