Identificación de la primera imprenta anónima salmantina

  1. Varona García, María Antonia
Investigaciones históricas: Época moderna y contemporánea

ISSN: 0210-9425

Year of publication: 1994

Issue: 14

Pages: 25-34

Type: Article

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The identification of the first anonymous printing house of Salamanca is due to the discovery in Valladolid Real Chancillería Archive of two Cartas Ejecutorias that belong to the cases that were held by the sons and inheritors of Diego Sánchez de Cantalapiedra and Alfonso de Porras, both associated to establish a "house of the moulds" in Salamanca. From the actions of the litigants of both cases we can obtain news about the foundation of the society, the belongings it consisted of, or the workshop organization. But the most important fact is that of the account of the works that carne out from their presses before the year 1487, from which we have been able to identify some "incunabula".