Estado de la cuestión de Castilla y León durante el bienio azañista 1931-1933

  1. Hernández Sánchez, Galo
Investigaciones históricas: Época moderna y contemporánea

ISSN: 0210-9425

Year of publication: 1995

Issue: 15

Pages: 329-352

Type: Article

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Using he most generic bibliography I will attempt to carry out a first approximation of the reality of Castile and Leon during the Azañista period (1931-33); although this chronological period could be extended throughout the entire first third of the twentieth century. For methodological reasons, the areas of interest are classified in five thematic units: Agrarian, Restructure of the State, Church-State relations, social and cultural. Perhaps the political question has not been mentioned. This study is part of the doctoral thesis project that I am undertaking under the title: "Castilian-Leonese public opinion before the problems of the Azañista period, 1931-33".