La cláusula Bolar como excepción a los derechos conferidos por una patente farmacéutica en Europa

  1. Elena Cristina Tudor
Revista de Estudios Europeos

ISSN: 1132-7170 2530-9854

Year of publication: 2018

Issue Title: Congreso internacional de Jovenes investigadores sobre la Union Europea

Issue: 71

Pages: 300-308

Type: Article

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Bolar exemption is an excemption to the exclusive right granted by a patent and allows the use o f patented products in experiments for the purpose of obtaining regulatory approval for generic medicines. This paper provides an analysis of the european legal backgroud and of the european judicial interpretation of this excemption inserted in the EU Dir ectives 2011/62/UE and 2004/27/EC amending the EU Directive 2001/83/EC, by the insertion of a new art 10.6 in the latter Directi