La música ambientaldefinición, creación y análisis

  1. Lahoza Estarriaga, Isaac Jerónimo
  1. Javier Suárez Pajares Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 2018(e)ko iraila-(a)k 18

  1. Julio C. Arce Bueno Presidentea
  2. Ruth Piquer Sanclemente Idazkaria
  3. Celsa Alonso González Kidea
  4. Eduardo Viñuela Suárez Kidea
  5. Enrique Cámara de Landa Kidea

Mota: Tesia


Throughout our daily lives it is commonplace to experience different musical surrounding sounds, sometimes more discernible than others, however, they are another element in a particular environment. This is what we know as environmental music. If we ask ourselves why that music is playing, in that particular moment, in that particular place, the answer is not that simple. There may not be a single explanation to support the argument. When we delve deeper into the environmental music, we find something that appears to be intangible. It can take different forms depending on where we look at it from. For many years environmental music has been the object of discussion in different disciplines and contexts. Nevertheless, during the first two decades of the XXI century, different points of view within the musical studies have arisen, providing a better understanding of this type of music. In this research I intend to explore some new lines of analysis to help define more precise limits to this complex musical phenomenon so that it could be perceived in a clear and complete way. My starting point is based on my own relevant experience. I worked for seven years in the environmental music industry and this thesis is focused on its use as a commercial product, from the point of view of someone who has participated, as an expert in the area of musicology, in creating and analysing music sections for customers. This work comprises three sections: definition, creation and analysis. In the first section, facing the different connotations that the concept of environmental music holds, I suggest a more general definition. I continue by identifying the elements that are part of this definition. Finally, I explain the evolution of this asset in the Spanish market and I analyse the situation it currently finds itself in...