Residuos de productos lácteos y de grasa de carne en dos recipientes cerámicos de la Edad del Bronce del Valle Medio del Duero

  1. Elisa Guerra Doce
  2. Germán Delibes de Castro
  3. José Antonio Rodríguez Marcos
  4. Manuel Crespo Díez
  5. Alicia Gómez Pérez
  6. José Ignacio Herrán Martínez
  7. Jordi Juan Tresserras
  8. Juan Carlos Matamala Mellín
BSAA Arqueología

ISSN: 1888-976X

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 77-78

Pages: 105-137

Type: Article

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Through the application of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and the determination of casein based on its immunochemical reactions, residues of animal fats and dairy products have been detected in two Bronze Age (Early Cogotas I culture) pottery vessels from Valladolid. The importance of cattle raising activities among the Middle Bronze Age societies of the Spanish Meseta is assessed here. It is argued that the original contents deposited in these vessels may have been offerings, as is the case with other materials that are found in the Cogotas I pit fields.