Un modelo opensource para la consulta léxica en contextos informativos

  1. Morán López, Próspero Manuel
Investigar sobre periodismo: Reunión Científica de la Sociedad Española de Periodistica (SEP), Santiago de Compostela, 27-28 de mayo de 2005
  1. Xosé López García (coord.)
  2. Xosé Pereira Fariña (coord.)
  3. Xosé Villanueva Rey (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones = Servizo de Publicacións ; Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

ISBN: 84-9750-497-6

Year of publication: 2005

Pages: 426-444

Type: Book chapter


In the search of new models of hypertextual writing in the scope of the digital media, we deepened in the adoption of computer science formulas that allow to the understanding of texts and the words in used them in standardized global linguistic contexts of diverse form. The use of hypertext models considers that allow the online journal reading in Castilian language, written up in Spain, by people that talk spanish on Ibero-America. The system is based on copyleft licenses and takes advantage of resources available in Internet.