Alergia a drogas de abuso

  1. Armentia Medina, Alicia
  2. Ruiz Muñoz, Pedro
  3. Martínez Quesada, Jorge
  4. Postigo Resa, Idoia
  5. Martín Gil, Francisco Javier
  6. Martín Armentia, Blanca
  7. Herrero, M.
  8. Conde Vicente, Rosa
Anales de la Real Academia de Medicina y Cirugía de Valladolid

ISSN: 0210-6523

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 50

Pages: 17-54

Type: Article

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Due to the increasing social, medical, and occupational exposure to illicit drugs as cannabis and heroin, extracts from Cannabis sativa and Papaver somníferum were tested in allergic and drugs abusers people. The frequency of allergic reactions is growing but little is known about the IgE-reactivity of singledrugs allergens. To identify the mature peptide sequence of the lipid transfer protein (LTP) and to study the IgE-binding reactivity of a recombinant Can s 3 (rCan s 3), a cDNA was synthesized from total RNA of leaves from Cannabis sativa L. ssp. sativa cv. Kompolti obtained from the botanical garden of the University Bonn. The amplification of the LTP gene was performed with a primer mix deduced from published amino acid sequences. To determine the diagnostic accuracy of specific antibodies to morphine, codeine, rocuronium and oil body and aqueous fractions of Papaver somniferum seeds were used in the diagnosis and prevention of allergy to opioids.