Innovación educativa en un curso cero de dibujo técnico para el acceso a los grados de ingeniería de la UNED

  1. María del Mar Espinosa Escudero 1
  2. Roberto Prádanos del Pico 2
  3. Luis Romero Cuadrado 1
  4. Guillermo Núñez Esteban 1
  5. Manuel Domínguez Somonte 1
  1. 1 Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

    Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

    Madrid, España


  2. 2 Universidad de Valladolid

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Valladolid, España


Innovación educativa en la era digital: libro de actas
  1. María del Carmen Ortega Navas (coord.)
  2. M. Angeles López González (coord.)
  3. Paloma Amor Hernández

Verlag: UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

ISBN: 978-84-09-15658-0

Datum der Publikation: 2018

Seiten: 23-29

Kongress: Jornadas de Investigación en Innovación Docente de la UNED (10. 2018. Madrid)

Art: Konferenz-Beitrag


There is no doubt the improvement of the support and follow-up from the first courses of the university degrees is one of the most important challenges that must be addressed by the teachers of those first courses of a university degree. The problem starts in the enormous step that exists between the formation of bachelor and the university formation. Although in high school both students and teachers make a great effort, when the students arrive at the university find that lacks training base. The Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia of Madrid is aware of these difficulties and, to try to alleviate them, a zero course has been set up in the field of technical drawing, fundamental pillar of the training of the engineer, for the students who want to start the engineering studies. This article presents the work approach that has been used to configure this zero course and the first results obtained in the implantation.