Estudio de los efectos psicofisiológicos, cognitivos y emocionales de la sorpresa audiovisual publicitaria mediante triangulación metodológica

  1. Bermejo Berros, Jesús
  2. López Díez, Jaime
Investigar la Comunicación hoy. Revisión de políticas científicas y aportaciones metodológicas: Simposio Internacional sobre Política Científica en Comunicación
  1. Vicente Mariño, Miguel (coord.)
  2. González Hortigüela, Tecla (coord.)
  3. Pacheco Rueda, Marta (coord.)

Publisher: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Juridicas y de la Comunicación ; Universidad de Valladolid

ISBN: 978-84-616-4124-6

Year of publication: 2013

Volume Title: Comunicaciones 4

Volume: 4

Pages: 1035-1054

Congress: Simposio Internacional sobre Política Científica en Comunicación (1. 2013. null)

Type: Conference paper


Stories have been studied from different fields and with different methodologies. To acquire a deeper knowledge of them, an integrated research of approaches focused on their structure, form and functions, altogether with cognitive, emotional and psychosocial approaches of their reception processes is needed. Recently, after significant advances in the study of cognitive processes, research on emotions has experienced a great development. However, surprise is still one the least analyzed emotions. In the present research on surprises in narrative texts, it has been used a triangulation methodology which integrates three major fields of study: narratology, cognitive psychology and psychophysiology. The results of this study show the value of triangulation methodology, as they have led to introduce a major distinction between diegetic and non�]diegetic surprises.