Una respuesta ética en la atención a residencias de ancianos en la pandemia Covid-19

  1. Ángela Arévalo
  2. Alicia Armentia
  3. Blanca Blanco
  4. Marta Cano
  5. Cristina Crespo
  6. Joaquín Fra
  7. Jesús Galán
  8. Natalia Gallego
  9. Sara García
  10. Edgar Lovel
  11. Daniel Ramos
  12. Aurora Sacristán
  13. Dionisio San Segundo
  14. Carmen Sánchez
  15. Álvaro Sanz
  16. Resurrección Vacas
  17. Javier Visa
  18. Claudio Navarro
Cuadernos de bioética

ISSN: 1132-1989 2386-3773

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 31

Issue: 102

Pages: 223-229

Type: Article

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With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the risk of a possible lack of care for the elderly in nursing homes became evident. We summarize the experience of a multidisciplinary team with volunteer professionals from different specialties who carried out support for healthcare professionals in nursing homes. This team was implemented from both Primary and Specialty Care managements. Its work paradigm was proposed by our home hospitalization team, which included direct care of the most complex patients and general counselling on isolation, hygiene and preventive measures within the nursing homes. Thanks to this support, the elderly population placed there, with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19, received adequate care from an interdisciplinary team, which led part of the pressure to be released from their professional workers, and many family members were aware that there was no neglect of the elderly. Commitment from various levels of care in a coordinated effort has prevented a vulnerable population from being left unattended during the pandemic.

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