Tendencias de investigación doctoral y análisis de la producción científica de Historia de la Educación en la universidad española

  1. Carmen Sanchidrián Blanco
  2. Andrés Payà Rico
  3. Tatiane de Freitas Ermel
Revista de la educación superior

ISSN: 0185-2760

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 50

Issue: 199

Pages: 129-154

Type: Article

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This paper analyzes a total of 198 doctoral theses defended by Span-ish universities between 1990 and 2015 with the descriptors “History of education” from the teseo database of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Four groups of variables have been considered: the national or local character, the period studied and its duration; the descriptors; the field from which the thesis has been done; and institutional factors. The results show important changes in some of the variables, which explain trends in research and the academic field of higher education.