Sociología de las Relaciones Socioculturales Noratlánticas y su influjo en Estados Unidos de Américaorigen, desarrollo y declive de American civil religion

  1. Sánchez Bayón, Antonio
Supervised by:
  1. Jesús A. Valero Matas Director

Defence university: Universidad de Valladolid

Fecha de defensa: 11 February 2019

  1. Celso Sánchez Capdequí Chair
  2. Ángel de Prado Moura Secretary
  3. Luis Manuel Cerdá Suárez Committee member
  1. Sociology and Social Work

Type: Thesis


This PhD dissertation is an interdisciplinary study, based on sociological and cultural approaches (according to American cultural studies way), which deals with the origin and development of the American configuration, by the civil religion (American civil religion-ACR). It is a modern socio-cultural methamer of integration (previus to the nineteenth-century European controversy on nation/nationalism), made by the founding fathers (from the Atlantic colonies periord and during the continental expansion to the West –in a mesianic mission to extend the Western-), and periodically updated in cycles of awakenings and revitalizations (by the Americaness). Inside of the United States of America (USA), thanks to its pioner secularization and political theology of mixed Modernity, the sacred and profane Western tradition is received (from Atlantic route) and it is transformed in a singular way; the result is a rich system of symbols and rituals, beliefs and values, norms and institutions, art and memorials, etc. By this way is conformed the heritage to become the American idiosyncrasy (it contains the collective identity & mentality, the social imagination & symbolic capital, the structures-superstructures relations and its communicational codes, etc.). The mentioned issues, they are analyzed, evidenced and systematized; also, there is an illustration of topics by case studies of ACR heritage. This research is undertaken according to the own reading that the Americans have made (by theirselves), above all, from their Cultural Studies. American cultural studies have assumed the responsibility to clarify the idiosyncracy and to reformulate periodically the issue, to update and to improve it. However, currently, they are fragmented and confronted, without a chance to fix the identity trouble, and ACR is in the nuddle (thanks to them and improving the American posmodern paradox-set or APP-set, which drives to Americaless and transWesternelless). Such circumstance affects the American idiosyncrasy; also, it has an impact in the socio-cultural relations and international affairs (moving from Atlantic area to the Pacific land, and transforming the West in a fuzzy way).