Peacekeeping and conflict preventionan old principle and a new responsibility

  1. M. Esther Salamanca
Peacekeeping: global perspectives, challenges and impacts
  1. Pablo Antonio Fernández-Sánchez (coord.)

Publisher: Nova Science Publishers

ISBN: 9781536134315

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 19-43

Type: Book chapter


In the last years, there has been a strong call at the United Nations for a renewed emphasis on conflict prevention and sustaining peace. The review process carried out in 2015 on peacekeeping operations and peacebuilding architecture stresses that prevention of armed conflict must be a priority for all entities across all pillars of the United Nations system. Under Chapter VI of the Charter (peaceful settlement of disputes), and its general competence in the maintenance of international peace and security (Article 24), the Security Council is engaged in all three types of conflict prevention: operational, structural and systemic. This chapter examines how it has been defined this "comprehensive conflict prevention strategy" in the context of the "sustaining peace agenda", focusing, in particular, on the Security Council's tools available for preventing the outbreak or the recurrence of armed conflicts.