La poesía de John Montagueun viaje de ida y vuelta por la historia de Irlanda del Norte

  1. Dapía Ferreiro, María Celsa
ES: Revista de filología inglesa

ISSN: 0210-9689

Year of publication: 2002

Issue: 24

Pages: 213-230

Type: Article

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Montague's major concern involves the recovery of those elements belonging to the Gaelic tradition which are still alive in the Irish landscape. He strives not only to find any possible trace from his past, but also to re-make the whole puzzle of Northern Ireland history from the few and scattered fragments he manages to gather. Born in Brooklyn to Irish parents who had felt the need to emigrate due to the political troubles in Ulster, Montague goes back to Ireland at the age of four and is brought up in county Tyrone. He inherites a strong Catholic tradition and a deep sense of community, but most of the times he stills feels confused about the place he really belongs to. Mixing sometimes autobiography and history, Montague becomes the epitome of Gaelic, Catholic and Rural Ulster.