Los cuantificadores indefinidos y su enseñanza a hablantes extranjeros

  1. Mora García, Javier
Ogigia: Revista electrónica de estudios hispánicos

ISSN: 1887-3731

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 13

Pages: 5-17

Type: Article

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  • Year 2013
  • Journal Impact: 0.110
  • Field: MULTIDISCIPLINAR Quartile: C1 Rank in field: 11/87


  • Human Sciences: C


This article proposes a new approach to the teaching of indefinite quantifiers. The problems identified in the study of these lexical items in normative grammars have decisively affected the treatment of these units by texts of Spanish as a foreign language, all of which requires a reassessment of the subject from a didactic perspective in order to improve the teaching of indefinite quantifiers to foreign students