Tumor de Abrikossoff en región vulvar

  1. Cantos, C.
  2. Pascual Arévalo, Yolanda
  3. García Serna, I.
  4. Mancha, E.
  5. Rodríguez Bújez, Ana Belén
  6. Arnal Burró, Ana María
Revista española de investigaciones quirúrgicas

ISSN: 1139-8264

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 16

Issue: 4

Pages: 169-170

Type: Article

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Abrikossoff ?s tumor is a rare skin and soft tissues neoplasia of neurogenic origin. It generally behaves as a subcutaneous, fixed and not painful nodule with vague edges. It has a slowly growth and presents a benign character in most cases. Its most frequent location is in head and neck, but cases have been also reported in the genital region.