Tumor glómico palatinoa propósito de un caso

  1. Redondo González, LM
  2. Valerdiz, S
  3. Pujol, E
  4. Serrat Soto, A
  5. Alonso Ovies, A
  6. Verrier Hernández, A
Medicina oral

ISSN: 1137-2834

Year of publication: 1999

Volume: 4

Issue: 5

Pages: 626-631

Type: Article

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Glomus tumour is arare neoplasm that originales from the glomus apparatus, characterised by its content of so-called glomus cells. To our knowledge five palatal glomus tumours have been documented in the world literature. We describe a case of glomus tumour of the palate and presenta review of the literature.