Ucrania:El largo proceso hacia la integración europea

Revista de Estudios Europeos

ISSN: 1132-7170 2530-9854

Year of publication: 2018

Issue Title: Congreso internacional de Jovenes investigadores sobre la Union Europea

Issue: 71

Pages: 396-413

Type: Article

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: Since the first moment as independent country after the dissolution of USSR, Ukraine, had attempted to approach to the occidental politics through the European Institutions. By the first negotiations, in 1998 the Agreement on P artnership and Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU comes into force, which had a validity period of ten years. When this Agreement was coming to an end, the major problems occurred during the new negotiations to renew. The new denomination it would be a n EU - Ukraine Association Agreement, and this one to include a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. It is necessary to know how it has been made all of this process which began in 2005 whit the first meetings, and the end point would be the signing of t he new agreement between the parts in 2014. All of this happened in a tumultuous political period for the internal affairs in Ukraine. In a period of ten years (2004 - 2014) two popular revolutions (Orange Revolution and Euromaidan) took place in the streets of the main cities in the country, which called for a greater commitment in the policies of approach to the European Union.