Conductas sexuales en adolescentes

  1. Mª Angeles Ferrer Pascual
  2. Carmen Rojo Pascual
  3. Mª Carmen Ruiz Gómez
  4. Lourdes Jiménez Navascues
  5. Monserrat Ballesteros García
Evidentia: Revista de enfermería basada en la evidencia

ISSN: 1697-638X

Year of publication: 2004

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Type: Article

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On the basis of the doubts showed by our students on sexuality issues, we sus-pect them to play risk sexual behaviors which can lead to either undesirable preg-nancy or to sexually transmitted infections. The aim of this work is to know if these doubts are the general rule between young people. The method consisted of a bibliographical review on the following issue: sexuality, pregnancy and sexual education in adolescent. Conclusions: Young people could maintain risk sexual behaviors related to: the characteristics of their age, the attitudes centered in the gender role, their information sources about sexuality (friends, magazines, etc). Since we have not find any study on these issues, we believe necessary to research hard about the factors determining the sexual behavior of young people and how globalization and interculturality are involved in such behaviors. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop sexual formation programs specially about attitudes and personal values, taking into account the cultural diversity. Nurse staff must to assume their role as educational agents and have to take charge on working about the aforementioned issues. They could do it by mean of Community Nursing, actively participating in the school and adolescent programs involved in sexual education.