Olor a marihuana: una crisis focal olfativa

  1. Ana María García Rodríguez
  2. Miguel J. Sánchez Velasco
  3. Pilar Ercilla Alonso
Medicina general

ISSN: 0214-8986

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 9

Issue: 2

Type: Article

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Smelling short-term episodes, repetitives and always similars with abrupt beginnings and endings preceeding with nose stingy and intact consciousness can be diagnosed as olfactory partial seizures. With variated semiology can be dressed with important affective component, translating personal conflicts with emotional fretwork. 55 years old, female, describes short episodes smelling marihuana with a few seconds, increasing their frequency last year, each two or three days an episode. Long time they were eluded in hidden belonging of marihuana suspicion, property of her son at home. It never was shown. After EEG, IRM and other tests, all of them are normal and compatible clinical findings with simple partial seizures, she’s treated with stimulating gabaergic drug, eslicarbamazapine, with goal erradicating seizures.