Propuestas publicitarias en Internet de Facultades de Comunicación en España

  1. Trapero de la Vega, José Ignacio
Área abierta

ISSN: 1578-8393

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 28

Type: Article

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The basic objective pursued in this paper is to analyze some of the advertising pieces that before the 2010-2011 academic years have used the Faculties of Spanish Communication on the Internet to promote their academic offerings. After locate and visit their websites, the purpose of study focuses on the messages of a commercial content - more or less obvious - that each institution is advertised. In other words, we observe are released to subsequently consider find their homepages. The results offered are directly related to parameters and metrics applied in the network, so as to determine the efficient management of their image and identity in the electronic universe. Be highlighted in most of these two common aspects such as: the fragmentation of its structure and corporatism which compresses most of its content. To the extent that more than functional, is proving just functionary. Beyond the statistics or the numbers and percentages included in the appropriate tables, the global positioning of the FCE can be defined with a phrase: �have traveled half a correct path, but still have the other half go towards optimal internet presence�. This is the panorama that visitors are following the seductive advertising proposals that have been referred to previously.