Cómo se ordena la potencia de la multitudInstituciones y derecho de la ciudad en la teoría política de Spinoza

  1. Peña Echeverría, Francisco Javier
Laguna: Revista de Filosofía

ISSN: 1132-8177

Year of publication: 2012

Issue Title: Spinoza: naturaleza, potencia y derecho

Issue: 31

Pages: 45-68

Type: Article

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The concept of multitude plays a central role in Spinoza’s political theory. In understanding the power of multitude as the foundations of the political society, he departs from both Hobbes’ individualist contractualism and scholastic organicism. However, despite what is suggested by several interpretations, the power of the multitude needs to be expressed through a legal and institutional framework that enables to arrange and channel it. The institutionalized, democratic self-government would make it possible for such power to achieve integration and stability to the fullest extent.