El patronazgo del duque de Lerma sobre la Colegiata de San Pedro a través de sus estatutos

  1. Alberto Corada Alonso 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Cantabria

    Universidad de Cantabria

    Santander, España

    ROR https://ror.org/046ffzj20

A la sombra de las catedrales: cultura, poder y guerra en la Edad Moderna
  1. Cristina Borreguero Beltrán (coord.)
  2. Óscar R. Melgosa Oter (coord.)
  3. Ángela Pereda López (coord.)
  4. Asunción Retortillo Atienza (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones e Imagen Institucional ; Universidad de Burgos

ISBN: 978-84-18465-07-9

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 213-230

Congress: Asociación Española de Historia Moderna. Reunión científica (16. 2021. Burgos)

Type: Conference paper


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The present paper delves into a defining aspect in the life of the highest Castilian noble men and women during the Modern Era: their patronage of ecclesiastical institutions. In order to do so, the paper analyzes the figure of the First Duke of Lerma and the power he exerted on the town of Lerma, the capital of his states. Thus, these pages provides an opportunity to know how patronage rights found expression in the rules of an institution like the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter and what entitlements and privileges the founder patron sought to keep for himself and his heirs.