Combinación de curado y bicarbonato de sodio para controlar podredumbres en postcosecha de mandarinas sin fungicidas de síntesis

  1. Cocco, M.
  2. Plaza, P.
  3. Vázquez Barbado, Dolores
  4. Meier, G.E.
  5. Bello, F.
Revista de Investigaciones Agropecuarias

ISSN: 1669-2314 0325-8718

Year of publication: 2014

Volume: 40

Issue: 1

Pages: 102-108

Type: Article

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Due to the resistance problems to synthetic fungicides of fungal decay in postharvest, different alternative control systems have been tested. However, they fail to adequately adequate reduction of rots without loss of fruit quality because the doses required. The aim of this work was the combination of curing treatments (37° C, 90-95% RH) and sodium bicarbonate (immersion) decreasing the doses required to inhibit rot and its adverse poeffect on the quality. For this, it has combined curing treatment 9 or 18 h (CU9 or CU18, respectively) with sodium bicarbonate to 1 or 2% (Bic1 or Bic2, respectively) to obtain green mold control in Ellendale mandarins previously inoculated with Penicillium digitatum, and evaluating the changes in external and internal quality in fruits without inoculate. It was evaluated the inhibition of rot and the effect on the external and internal quality of the fruit after 7 days at 20° C and then as a confirmatory assay were evaluated combinations CU9Bic1 and CU- 9Bic2, simulating the exporting process (25 days at 5° C + 7 days at 20° C). There was a considerable reduction of rots by curing treatments combined with sodium bicarbonate and it was confirmed for the combination of CU9 with bicarbonate, after export simulation. Weight losses, meanwhile, were very low but the treatments bicarbonate and CU18 had higher values than the untreated, while CU9, alone or combined, did not differ after 7 days at 20° C and was greater than this after export without reaching 5% of dehydration. Parameters internal and external quality did not differ between treatments CU9 to the untreated fruits, except for an increase in the ethanol content in the highest dose, later of simulation export.