The Drawing of an IdeaGraphic Reconstruction of an Unbuilt Dwelling in Bayview by J. Utzon

  1. Marta Alonso Rodríguez
  2. Sara Peña Fernández
  3. Eduardo Carazo Lefort
Architectural Graphics
  1. Manuel A. Ródenas López (coord.)
  2. José Calvo López (coord.)
  3. Macarena Salcedo Galera (coord.)

Publisher: Springer Suiza

ISBN: 9783031046315

Year of publication: 2022

Volume Title: Graphics for Analysis

Volume: 1

Pages: 363-372

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica (19. 2022. Cartagena)

Type: Conference paper


In this paper we will approach the use of new technologies to bring to life unbuilt architecture, the Utzon house in Bayview. BIM tools have enabled us to get another vision of the dwelling, generating 3D models that allow for a closer look at Utzon’s unrealized dream. In this way, the unbuilt projects help understand the career of the architect, since they keep unknown information on his interests and inquisitiveness both personal and architectural. Over four years, 1962–1965, the architect planned as many as six versions of the house, which proves his critical spirit and his need to adapt to the place and his personal situation. In this paper we have recreated in 3D all these proposals to better understand his process of work, as well as the hardships he was faced with in each of them. Despite his efforts, this dwelling never came out, which the architect found profoundly frustrating on account of the lack of understanding by the authorities