Chemical and electrochemical-behavior of nickel ion in the pbcl2-kcl melt at 475-degrees-c

  1. Yolanda Castrillejo Hernández
  2. Susana Palmero Díaz
  3. Rafael Pardo Almudí
  4. Enrique Barrado Esteban
  5. Pedro Sanchez Batanero
Book Series:
Electrochemical technology of molten salts
  1. Sequeira, CAC (coord.)
  2. Picard, GS (coord.)

ISSN: 1021-6138

ISBN: 0-87849-669-6

Year of publication: 1993

Volume: 1&2

Pages: 57-65

Congress: 1st European Workshop on Electrochemical Technology of Molten Salts

Type: Conference paper