La causalidad en acciones de daños antitrust, a la luz de lo dispuesto en la directiva 2014/104 /CE

  1. Elena Cristina TUDOR
Revista de Estudios Europeos

ISSN: 1132-7170 2530-9854

Year of publication: 2018

Issue Title: Congreso internacional de Jovenes investigadores sobre la Union Europea

Issue: 71

Pages: 250-258

Type: Article

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In an antitrust damages action, causation requirements tend to play a predominant role. The study explo res the role of the economic concept of causation in claims for antitrust damages in the EU and the different approaches taken by the legal systems of the EU Member States in this regard, as well as the practical relevance of the presumptionof harm in cart el cases, introduced by the Directive 2014/104/E