Cerâmica islâmica do Garb al-Andalus. Ensaio crono-tipológico de recipientesde cozinhaas panelas

  1. Helena Catarino
  2. Sandra Cavaco
  3. Jaquelina Covaneiro
  4. Constança dos Santos
  5. Susana Gómez Martínez
  6. Maria José Gonçalves
  7. Isabel Inácio
  8. Marco Liberato
  9. Gonçalo Lopes
  10. Jacinta Bugalhão
  11. Isabel Cristina Fernandes
  12. Sofia Gomes
Actas del X Encuentro de Arqueología del Suroeste Peninsular
  1. Javier Jiménez Ávila (ed. lit.)
  2. Macarena Bustamante-Álvarez (ed. lit.)
  3. Francisco Javier Mora Heras (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Ayuntamiento de Zafra

ISBN: 978-84-09-45162-3

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 1544

Congress: Encuentro de Arqueología del Suroeste Peninsular (10. 2018. Zafra (Badajoz))

Type: Conference paper


Since pottery became an object of everyday with a utilitarian use, the kitchen containers have been present in the archaeologicalrecord, and it is those of culinary use, especially the pans, which appear in greater percentage. That iswhy this type of kitchen utensils has been chosen by the Garb al-Andalus Islamic Ceramics Research Group (CIGA) for thiscommunication.Although this is a very common and, apparently, little varied form over the centuries, the fact is that, during the 500 years ofIslamic presence in the current Portuguese territory, we observe a great diversity, both at the technical manufacturing level,at formal / typological level and chronological level. In this sense, we propose to study the chrono-typological evolution ofpots, between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, as well as to discuss the geographical dispersion of their types and thepossible particularities of regional distribution in the westernmost territories of Garb al- Andalus.