Postectónica. Ultrabiología, noosfera y máquina, en el hábitar planetario de teilhard de chardin

Supervised by:
  1. Antoni Ramón Graells Director
  2. Ignasi Moreta Tusquets Director

Defence university: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Fecha de defensa: 26 September 2017

  1. Daniel Villalobos Alonso Chair
  2. Jordi Oliveras Samitier Secretary
  3. Jéssica Jaques Pi Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The cosmology presented in the first half of the twentieth century by Jesuit priest and career palaeontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Sarcenat, France, 1881 - New York; 1955), is structured around the hypothesis of the existence of a universal and evolutionary symbiosis process between Matter and Spirit, whose full incorporation and final state of unity Teilhard calls the Omega Point. Taking into consideration the scientific-religious principles of Teilhardian cosmology, the purpose of this thesis is to make an approach towards the phenomena of human planetisation in relation to the disciplinary foundations of architecture. According to Teilhard with the appearance of human beings (the Human Phenomenon), specifically of its thinking power (Power of Reflection, representative of the Spirit in nature), from the Neolithic onwards there comes a new stage in cosmic evolution, the Noogenesis, to which the practice of architecture belongs, whose primordial nature would be noogenetic: a 'spiritualization machine', psychization or centring of the material dispersion. The thesis works based on three components of Teilhardian cosmology: * ULTRABIOLOGY: understood as the integrity that maintains the different scales and material typologies of the evolutionary symbiosis Matter ¿ Spirit joined and in correspondence. * NOOSPHERE: a new layer of the Earth, constituted purely of the human mind that from modernity becomes an integral part of the planet's structure, as much as the geosphere and the biosphere; a phenomenon in which for the first time is mankind can be seen as massified or totalized with the Earth (Humanity-Planet unit). * MACHINE: device for the condensation and expansion of the Human Energy activated in nature, with which energization, humanization or spiritualization of Matter is applied, and in which the entirety of accrued human invention is encompassed, especially that of architecture, additionally considered as the archetype of the universal Matter-Spirit convergence. By the planetisation in modernity, the evolutionary process of universal Matter-Spirit convergence, two simultaneous and complementary physical-spatial projects are present: the construction of Earth as an emerging human habitational unit susceptible of architecturizing; and the configuration of planetary infrastructure networks that integrate and planetize the fragmented, 'spiritualizing machines' of the city and the architectural units. For the first project (the architecturalization of Earth), the thesis stops on modern planetary imaginary, and from there to the three more general symbolic dimensions being irradiated from the earthly sphere: the round, the fiery and the stony, where the Earth¿s unifying capability is activated. For the second Project (the `spiritualization machine¿ of the planetary infrastructural networks) the thesis is organized around the three levels of the Teilhardian reflexive or noogenetic activity: * REFLECTION, or the progressive concentration and progressive winding capability, that human psychic energy has upon itself; a category to which correspond infrastructures that promote greater indexes of integration, connectivity and planetary link between individuals and human communities. * INFLECTION, or the impulse to the winding experienced by existing living and inert Matter under the influx of activated human psychic energy; a reflexive category to which correspond the infrastructure networks geared towards the massive transformation of the biosphere and the geosphere, towards higher levels of Humanity-Earth massification, and new states of materiality of the planetary habitation. * CIRCUNFLECTION, or the total coverage of the planet, reached from the two afore mentioned reflexive processes; a reflexive category to which correspond the infrastructures capable of reaching Earth unity on their own (communicative and war infrastructures), as well as those dedicated to the extra-planetary transfer of the Human Energy.