La novela policiaca de temática romana clásica. Rigor e invención.

  1. Vigueras Fernández, Ricardo
Supervised by:
  1. Rosa María Iglesias Montiel Director

Defence university: Universidad de Murcia

Fecha de defensa: 10 December 2007

  1. Enrique Montero Cartelle Chair
  2. Carmen Guzmán Arias Secretary
  3. Herrero Ingelme Mª Cruz Committee member
  4. María Consuelo Álvarez Morán Committee member
  5. José María Pozuelo Yvancos Committee member

Type: Thesis


The Doctoral Thesis covers the research of fifteen works: seven novels and a story book by the American writer Steven Saylor; five novels of the also American writer John Maddox Roberts, and two novels of the Spanish writer Joaquín Borrell. Research has been done on the classical sources, a humanistic and literary commentary of these works applied to the following principal subjects each of which was dedicated a full chapter of the Thesis: the city of Rome, Police Force Records, Mythology, Religion and the world of the dead, Historic characters, Military battles, Food and drink, Circus and gladiators.