Gamificación en la docencia“Me pongo tus zapatos …¡Hoy el profe soy yo!”

  1. Avellón Naranjo, Blanca 1
  2. Somarriba Arechavala, Noelia 1
  3. Blanco Calvo, Pilar 1
  4. Prieto Jano, María José 1
  5. Gómez Balcáce, Lucía 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Valladolid

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Valladolid, España


Conference proceedings. CIVINEDU 2022: 6th International Virtual Conference on Educational Research and Innovation

Publisher: REDINE (Red de Investigación e Innovación Educativa)

ISBN: 978-84-124511-6-0

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 419-425

Congress: International Virtual Conference on Educational Research and Innovation CIVINEDU (6. 2022. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


Teaching innovation is a process that aims to improve student participation in the classroom as well as the relationships established with students through new learning environments. This paper presents a teaching innovation project based on gamification applied in the academic year 2021-2022 to 140 students from different degrees at the University of Valladolid. The game implemented consisted of a role change in which the student becomes a university lecturer and carries out his or her functions, such as preparing the documentation, presenting the class and assessing the students. The impact achieved with this gamified methodology has been measured with a satisfaction survey given to the students participating in the role-playing game. The results show an increase in student motivation and an improvement in their interpersonal relationships due to increased socialisation among students and with the teacher responsible for the subject.