Las políticas educativas públicas de excelencia en Zipaquirá (Colombia)

  1. Velandia Moncada, Nancy Yamile
Supervised by:
  1. Andrés Payà Rico Director

Defence university: Universitat de València

Fecha de defensa: 23 January 2023

  1. Santiago Mengual Andrés Chair
  2. Sara González Gómez Secretary
  3. José Luis Hernández Huerta Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 752693 DIALNET


The research entitled Public Educational Policies in Zipaquirá (Colombia), the purpose was to analyze and propose improvement actions for the implementation and adoption of the information and results delivered to the Ministry of National Education on the Day of Excellence, to measure the quality and progress in the goals of each public educational center of the municipality annually. In the first place, a review of the state of the art in international educational public policies is presented, in which the Sustainable Development Goal 4 is taken as a reference with the search for education with quality and equity. On the other hand, at the national level, public actions that have directly influenced the development of educational public policies proposed for Colombia and specifically in Zipaquirá are presented, including references such as the Project "Colombia the most educated by 2025" and the Guiding Documents of the Day of Excellence proposed by the Colombian Ministry of National Education. Secondly, the research methodology, objectives, variables, context, hypothesis, instruments and techniques used for the collection of information are presented. It begins with the validation by the method of experts of the categorical system which contains 3 actors: Teachers in the classroom, Teachers' Directors in the institution and Leader of Educational Quality in the Secretary of Education of the municipality and three categories which are the Curricular, Planning and Evaluation. In this way the aspects evaluated in the Day of Excellence and the result of the ISCE of the ten public educational institutions of Zipaquirá are collected, as well as the information provided by means of the instruments applied to the institutions with the use of a documentary analysis supported by the statistical software atlas ti; which allows a general look of the Institutional Systems of School Evaluation and the results of the institutional Day of Excellence with the measurement of the Synthetic Index of School Quality. On the other hand, the information obtained by the direct agents such as teachers and teachers' directors is analyzed in terms of the perception they have in the categories proposed for the research; with the use of a survey based on the Likert scale. To complement this, an interview was conducted with the leader of educational quality in Zipaquirá. In this way, the results obtained were analyzed and interpreted and the triangulation phase was carried out to establish relationships between the categories and the aspects of the state of the art, the perception of the teachers and directors of the Day of Excellence, the results of the ISCE and the analysis of the SIEE Documents; the information obtained by the external agents to the research such as the leader of educational quality of the municipality. The research ends with the conclusive framework in which the conclusions are presented in detail; the implementation proposals, for this purpose, are proposed as specific actions to the Secretary of Education and specifically to the educational institutions and the limitations evidenced in the development of the thesis are made visible.