Design, implementation and validation of advanced measurements and communications within photovoltaic plants

Supervised by:
  1. Miguel Angel Muñoz Garcia Director
  2. Víctor Alonso Gómez Co-director
  3. Luis Hernández Callejo Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Valladolid

Fecha de defensa: 19 September 2023

  1. Danny Ochoa Correa Chair
  2. Daniel Moríñigo Sotelo Secretary
  3. Roberto Villafáfila Robles Committee member

Type: Thesis


Design and validation of a low cost integrated electronic system for the diagnosis and maintenance improvement of photovoltaic solar plants. The system is able to trace I-V curves for each solar module individually without disconnecting them from the plant, without interrupting the electric generation and with a minimum impact over the energy production. Moreover the I-V data obtained are evacuated from the module under test through a novel PLC communications system using the same power wires installed in the plant as physical support.The main novelty of this system is the implementation of a single cable ring shaped topology pushed to work in resonance compatible with the physical topology of the power cabling in the solar plant.