Fraseología del italiano para extranjeros, con particular atención a hispanohablantes de la variedad peninsular

  1. Pistoresi De Luca, Ivana
Supervised by:
  1. Carmen Hernández González Director

Defence university: Universidad de Valladolid

Fecha de defensa: 30 May 2023

  1. Manuel Rivas Zancarrón Chair
  2. Rosario Consuelo Gonzalo García Secretary
  3. María Jesús Leal Riol Committee member

Type: Thesis


Abstract This paper attempts an overview of Spanish phraseological studies applicable to Italian idiomatic expressions, the ultimate purpose being to provide native Spanish learners of Italian with a contrastive analysis of the phraseological units of the Italian language. Our research begins with a state of the question that takes into consideration several expert studies that can be applied to the Italian language: a challenging task insofar as it is often difficult to find a formal correspondence between both languages even though they are related by descent. We next address the theoretical framework whereby delving into some of the scientific output of several authors mentioned in the previous section and occasionally providing a graphic schematization of this framework. Additionally, we have put the focus on verbal and non-verbal communication and the functions of phraseological units in discourse (turn-taking, encouragement, empathy, ...), taking as examples excerpts from movies or TV commercials, which can sometimes date the birth of some of these units. Finally, we have collected and analysed a corpus related to the perception and expression of certain feelings and including a selection of verbal phrases that are likely to arouse the learner¿s interest. Attention has been likewise paid to pronominal verbs which, as we shall see, can in themselves be idiomatic expressions in Italian. Key words: Italian phraseology, Italian idioms, non-verbal communication, feelings and perceptions.