El valor de la(s) historia(s) del arte y de la educación patrimonial en la didáctica de las ciencias sociales para educar en el ecofeminismo antiespecista

  1. Lucas Palacios, Laura
Supervised by:
  1. Antonia García Luque Director
  2. Emilio José Delgado Algarra Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Jaén

Fecha de defensa: 21 July 2023

  1. María Ángeles López Fernández Chair
  2. Alba de la Cruz Redondo Secretary
  3. Santiago Ponsoda López de Atalaya Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 820144 DIALNET


This thesis by compendium of articles investigates how to train teachers committed to current ecosocial problems such as gender inequalities and violence against animals. We start from the assumption that the Didactics of Art History and Heritage Education are tools and contents with great didactic value for the development of an anti-species ecofeminist pedagogy. For this reason, inquiring into the thoughts, theories and actions on these contents, in initial teacher training, is an opportunity to propose a reference model. After analyzing their conceptions in relation to these issues and their assessment of art, heritage and museums as didactic tools for their training and for their future praxis, we summarize the results, from which we list a series of recommendations. leading to the incorporation of an anti-speciesist Ecofeminist Education through the Didactics of Art History and Heritage Education in initial teacher training.