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Water, Space and Society in the Middle Ages
Hispanic America
Applied Functional Analysis
Seminar on Textual Criticism (SECTEXT)
Numerical Analysis of Evolution Problems
Numerical Analysis of Evolution Problems. Applications in Biomathematics
Numeric and Stochastic Analysis, Dynamic Optimization and Applications (ANEODA)
Analysis and Diagnosis of Electrical Installations and Networks (ADIRE)
Aplicaciones Biotecnológicas para una Agricultura Sostenible (AGROBIOTECH)
Architecture and Energy
Architecture and Cinema
Art, Power and Society in the Modern Age
Smart Devices for NanoMedicine
Calcium and Cellular Function
Catalysis and Polymers (CYP)
Biomechanics and Ergonomics Research Center (CIBER)
International Center for Lexicography (International Center for Lexicography)
Physics and Chemistry of the Solid Materials
CITERIOR (City and Territory Organization)
Information Coding and Cryptography
Behavior in Service and Welding of Metallic Materials
Atmospheric Pollution
Process Control and Supervision
Liquid Crystals and New Materials
Epistemology and Educational Research for Human and Sustainable Development
Econimics and Business Law
Development and Teratology of the Central Nervous System and Organs of the Senses. Neurogenesis. Neurorregeneration.
Healthy Habits and Determinants of Health
Didactics of Artistic Expression
Electronic Design, Power Electronics and Renewable Energy (DEEPER)
Documentation, Analysis and Representation of the Architectural Heritage
Recent Prehistory and the Protohistory of the North Plateau in Spain
Ecology and Conservation of Flora and Fauna
Circular Economy and Environmental Management
Economy and Public Policies
Equations and Singularities (ECSING)
Gene Edition for the Study of Vascular Ionic Channels and Mitochondrial Proteins
Historical and Patrimonial Education (EDUHIPA)