Department: Signal and Communications Theory and Telematic Engineering

Center: 2ET


Area: Telematics Engineering

Research group: Intelligent Systems and Cooperatives / Education, Media, Information Technology and Culture


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Valladolid with the thesis Diseño y construcción de un editor matemático que usa reconocimiento de símbolos manuscritos 1992. Supervised by Dr. Juan López Coronado.

Doctor by the Universidad de Valladolid with the thesis Sistemas inteligentes en análisis de escritura, documentos y aplicaciones en tele-enseñanza 1996. Supervised by Dr. Juan López Coronado.

After my studies in Greece (Engineer), United States (Master) and Spain (PhD), I initiated my research career in intelligent and cooperative systems, paying special attention at artificial intelligence for human-computer interaction. The core of my research activity was developed in the frame of the GSIC/EMIC UVa group, acknowledged as “Consolidated Research Unit” by the Junta de Castilla y León. This stable and intrinsically interdisciplinary group, coordinated by me since 1994, is composed of more than 20 researchers in Telematics and Computer Engineering as well as Pedagogy. The main axis of my research is ICT support to the teaching and learning processes, with special emphasis on architectures, systems and services that support the lifecycle of applications in the TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) field. Some relevant contributions by me refer to orchestration, learning design, learning analytics, human-centered approaches, design patterns, smart learning environments, MOOCs and semantic technologies for learning. My research work was carried out in the context of 65 competitive projects (29 international, 22 national, and 14 regional), being principal investigator in 41 projects for a total budget of more than 4.1 million euros. It is noteworthy that I received uninterrupted funding from the National and Regional Plans of R+D+I since 2000 till now, all of them in the field of learning technologies, as this proposal. Among others one can highlight the projects DigiReady+, Fertile, ColMOOC, and Metis of LLP/Erasmus+, Kaleidoscope and Grid4All of FP/IST, Sharetec of eContentPlus, or H20-Learn, Smartlet, RESET and EEE-Web of the national program. My research production consists of 113 journal papers (66 of them indexed in ISI-JCR), 223 conference papers, and 30 book chapters. The scientific and technical relevance and quality are evidenced by more than 9010 citations and h-index of 48 in Google Scholar. My international presence and recognition may be substantiated by the high number of papers with international coauthors, the joint edition of journal special issues, such as the one in Computers & Education regarding the field of orchestration (2013); the Dagsthul Manifesto on MOOCs (2014); the first workshop at ECTEL (2019) and the Springer book on Hybrid Learning Spaces (2022); as well as the Workshop on Human-Centered Learning Analytics at LAK and ECTEL (2021). Similarly, my work was reinforced during long stays in highly renowned international research centers (UC Berkeley, EPFL, University of Edinburgh, Stanford Research Institute, Open University, University of Sydney, Boston University, etc.) for a total of 131 weeks, being associate editor of Educational Technology and Society, member of 5 journal editorial boards, 172 conference program committees, 21 conference/workshop organizing committees, or reviewer of 47 journals, and invited keynote speaker in 18 conferences, Furthermore, I have contributed to the evaluation and accreditation of projects and degrees in Spain, Singapore, Greece, Norway, Cyprus, EU and Latin America. Finally, I have supervised 14 doctoral theses, achieved 6 awards, gave 76 invited talks and seminars, and participated in 11 contracts with companies and administration, while multiple products have been successfully used in educational centers. I am currently the coordinator of the funded national Spanish Network on Learning Analytics (SNOLA). Finally, I served as the ICT doctoral program coordinator for more than 20 years and Dean of the UVa Doctoral School.