Department: Applied Physics

Center: 1FA


Area: Applied Physics

Research group: SMAP


I started my research activity as a collaborative fellow in research tasks at the University of Valladolid (UVA). My work, in most than 25 years that I have been in the university, has combined high-level research with quality teaching. In both facets, research and teaching, I have maintained a constancy in my work and consequently in productivity: - Evaluated as excellent in the last announcement of “DOCENTIA” in Castilla y León - 5 five-years teaching - 4 six-years research Regarding RESEARCH, my work is developed as a member of the UVA-CSIC Associated Unit "SMAP", Recognized Research Group of the UVA and "Consolidated Research Unit" by the Government of Castilla y León, and our group belongs to the Institute of Sustainable Processes of the UVa (ISP). I have participated in European Projects, Projects of the National Plan, Projects in Castilla y León, Projects related to companies, External service by industry contracts, mobility programs of various ministries, etc. I have been Principal Investigator of a Project of our Region and in 3 National Projects and the director, during more than 10 years, of a Repetitive Technical Service (Art. 83 LOU). The research has been extended by stays in prestigious Spanish laboratories (ICTP-CSIC), European (Univ. Of Lappeenranta-Finland and GKSS-Germany) and American (Univ. Of Delaware-USA and Univ. Of Alberta-Canada). These stays have led to an ongoing relationship with various research groups of recognized prestige. In reference to my TEACHING WORK, I have taught undergraduate (Physics Degree, Chemistry Degree, Telecommunication Engineering and Biomedical Engineering) and master's degrees (for Physics graduates and Chemical Engineers), making it compatible with the direction of final degree and master degree projects. In spite of the shortage of doctoral students, I have supervised three doctoral theses that have obtained the qualification of Outstanding "Cum Laude" and 2 more are in progress. I have directed the work of a Post-doctoral Scholarship funded by Argentina Ministry of Science (CONICET institution) and supervised other thesis with the University of Guanajuato (Mexico). As MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE I have been Academic Secretary of the department of Applied Physics (2012-2016), Area Director of the teaching staff (2016-2017), Vice-chancellor of teaching staff (2017-2018) and Director of the Department of Applied Physics (2018-present). I have been invited to join several the Doctoral Thesis Tribunal with European Mention.