Department: Vegetable Production and Woodland Resources

Center: 2ET


Area: Plant Production

Research group: Micología Aplicada e Incendios Forestales: MYCOINFOR


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Valladolid with the thesis Estudio de las micosis en viveros forestales de Castilla y León:caracterización de los principales patógenos de suelo y evaluación de hongos micorrícicos para su control 2004.

Dr. Pablo Martín-Pinto (PhD, 2004), is Full Professor of Forest Fires and Selviculture and biodiversity. Researcher member of the Research Institute of Sustainable Forest Management (University of Valladolid) and Joint Research Unit (UVa – INIA-CSIC). Vice Dean for International Affairs in the School of Agriculture, Food Technology and Forestry and Academic coordinator in the Forestry Engineer Degree. His R&D work is focused on the fields of wild fire prevention and fungal ecology. He has published several SCI papers regarding wild fire prevention and fungal ecology topics. He has coordinated research and cooperation regional and national projects. He has supervised 7 PhD students in Mediterranean but also in Ethiopian forest ecosystems. During the last years the most relevant scientific results were i) understanding the succession of fungal communities associated to vegetation recovery following wild fire, ii) modelling fungal production and diversity associated to different management scenarios in ecosystems dominated by Cistus ladanifer, iii) analyzing belowground fungal communities through massive DNA sequentation for a better knowledge of the fungal communities in Mediterranean ecosystems and iv) establishing mycorrhization protocols using mycorrhiza helper bacteria in the process.