Department: Organic Chemistry


Area: Organic Chemistry

Research group: Synthesis Stereoselectiva with Organometalic Compounds of Group IV


Doctor by the Universidad de Granada with the thesis Caracterización del enlace químico en compuestos de boro, iluros y reacciones de aza- y arsa-wittig QTAIM y análisis ELF de la densidad electrónica 2007. Supervised by Dr. José Antonio Dobado Jiménez, Dr. Santiago Melchor Ferrer.

Dr. Ángel Sánchez González (PhD in the University of Granda). He worked in in Universitat Jaume I, reactions with biological interest. Later he moved to Università di Pisa to study the energy transfer processes between chromophores and metal nanoparticles. After this period he joined to Universidad de Santiago de Compostela to work in synthesis and computational studies of Covalent Organic Frameworks. Later he joined to Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) where he taught Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry and carried out a project founded by SENESCYT, to study the formation of lignin biopolymer. Recently, he joined to University of Lisbon, to work in metal complexes for medical applications. Nowadays he teach in the Univerisity of Valladolid in the department of Organic Chemistry.