Department: Pedagogy


Area: Didactics and School Organisation


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Burgos with the thesis Desarrollo de entornos personales de aprendizaje (PLEs) para la mejora de la competencia digital estudio de caso en una escuela media italiana 2012. Supervised by Dr. Fernando Lezcano Barbero.

I am European Ph.D in Educational Sciences, graduate in Pedagogy, and technical computer engineer, with a university master's degree in free software and a master's degree in secondary education teaching. My research trajectory has been focused on the didactic application of technology and its use as a tool for enhancing the teaching and learning process, as well as in e-learning methodologies. I have published articles in nationally and internationally indexed journals, and book chapters with publishers in the educational sector. I have participated in research projects funded through competitive calls and have completed international stays at universities in Guatemala, Ireland, and Italy. On a teaching level, I have delivered courses related to didactics, both general and specific, and educational technology. I have experience in Secondary Education and have been part of the SEPIE expert panel of the Erasmus+ Program in the field of Secondary Education and Higher Education since 2018, evaluating KA103, KA107, K120 proposals, and KA210 and KA220 projects.