Partidos políticos y promoción de la participación en periodo electoralanálisis de los mensajes y comentarios en facebook durante las elecciones generales de 2015

  1. Cristina Renedo Farpón
  2. Eva Campos Domínguez
  3. Dafne Calvo
  4. María Díez Garrido
Actas del II Congreso Internacional sobre Movimientos Sociales y TIC
  1. José Candón-Mena (coord.)

Publisher: Grupo Interdisciplinario de Estudios en Comunicación, Política y Cambio Social (COMPOLÍTICAS) ; Universidad de Sevilla

ISBN: 978-84-697-9646-7

Year of publication: 2018

Pages: 343-358

Type: Book chapter


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During first years of the 21st century, Internet began to be used to enhance the media impact of the candidates in campaign. In 2008, when Barack Obama aimed to the USA presidency, the use of electronic tools was considered as a dynamic and mobilizing element during those periods. This investigation applies this theoretical field to Facebook in Spanish elections, 2015. We wonder if political parties were able to take advantage of the flows of digital communication to encourage participation of their community. We address a content analysis of the post of these organizations (839) and the comments published in these (193,682). We found that use of this social network mostly focuses on promoting the presidential candidate's electoral activity. Furthermore, more than ninety percent of users do not follow hashtags or other references to the election campaign.