Expectativas ante las matemáticas de alumnos de primer ciclo de Educación Secundaria

  1. Martín Antón, Luis Jorge
  2. Arranz Espeso, Elena
  3. Carbonero Martín, Miguel Ángel
Revista de psicodidáctica

ISSN: 1136-1034

Year of publication: 1998

Issue: 6

Pages: 69-78

Type: Article

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In this work we try to analyze the attitudes and expectations before Mathematics (of students) in secondary education, since we think that it is a controversial topic to consider when students face this subject, aspect that evidently influences teaching processes and learning and, therefore, in the cognitive processes that the student puts at stake when solving any task as well. To measure the expectations and attitudes before Mathematics a questionnaire has been elaborated (REPROMASE) which considers several dimensions: expectations and attitudes before the course and before the Mathematics, classroom climate, teacher and student's methodology, and evaluation. The alpha index of Cronbach is of .85. The results are illustrative on the beliefs of students about the subject of Mathematics. A high correlation exists between the attitudes and expectations towards the course and towards the subject of Mathematics in particular.