Current Work in Corpus Linguistics: Working with Traditionally- conceived Corpora and Beyond. Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2015)

  1. Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera coord.
  2. Esther Álvarez de la Fuente coord.
  3. Raquel Fernández-Fuertes coord.
  4. Pilar Garcés García coord.
  5. Belén López Arroyo coord.
  6. Marta Niño Amo coord.
  7. Isabel Pizarro Sánchez coord.
  8. Ana Sáez-Hidalgo coord.
  9. Mª Ángeles Sastre-Ruano coord.
  10. Marisol Velasco-Sacristán coord.
Procedia: social & behavioral sciences

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Year of publication: 2015

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