Theses Committees (11)

  1. Secretary of the Committee

    Development of elastin-like recombinamers with increasing complexity and functionality from the molecular to the macroscopic scale 2021

    Universidad de Valladolid

    González Pérez, Miguel

  2. Secretary of the Committee

    Engineering responsive and biomimetic material based on elastin-like recombinamers for biomedical application 2019

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Cipriani, Filippo

  3. Secretary of the Committee

    Multifunctional tunable elastin-like recombinamer-based hydrogels customized for neovascularisation and dynamic cell niche construction purposes 2019

    Universidad de Valladolid


  4. Secretary of the Committee

    Bioengineered dynamic systems based on elastin-like recombinamers 2019

    Universidad de Valladolid


  5. Chair of the Committee

    Controlled formation of nanostructures based on elastin-like recombinamers 2016

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Hamed Misbah Elzehiri, Mohamed

  6. Secretary of the Committee

    Síntesis de heterociclos oxigenados y nitrogenados de distinto tamaño por ciclación silil-prins 2016

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Diez de la Varga, Alberto

  7. Secretary of the Committee

    Biofunctional hydrogels based on elastin-like recombinamers as extracellular matrix analogues 2015

    Universidad de Valladolid

    González de Torre, Israel

  8. Chair of the Committee

    Development of nano structures and highly functional systems with complex molecular architecture based on elastin-like recombinamers 2014

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Pinedo Martín, Guillermo

  9. Secretary of the Committee

    Nuevas perspecivas en química de alil- y vinilsilanos, síntesis de tetrahidrofuranos y tetrahidropiranos 2013

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Val Domínguez, Patricia

  10. Secretary of the Committee

    New strategies to develop bioactive cell-harvesting systems based on elastin like recombinamers 2013

    Universidad de Valladolid


  11. Secretary of the Committee

    Elastin-like recombinamers for advanced biomedical applications: tissue engineering, gene delivery and nanovaccines 2012

    Universidad de Valladolid

    García Arévalo, Carmen