Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Physiology

Center: 1FA


Area: Physiology


Doctor by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos with the thesis Papel de ET-1 en la expresión de COX-2 y la contractilidad vascular en hipertensión. Modulación pro PPARY 2016. Supervised by Dr. María Jesús Alonso Gordo, Dr. Raquel Hernanz Martín.

Roberto Palacios-Ramírez, Doctor in Clinical Medicine from the Rey Juan Carlos University in 2016, I have worked as a pre-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Professor María Jesús Alonso Gordo and the laboratory of Professor Mercedes Salaices Sánchez. During my predoctoral stage, I had the opportunity to carry out a research stay in the laboratory of Professor Rhian Touyz, at the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), a laboratory to which I returned to carry out my first postdoctoral experience. Until this point, my research has focused on vascular biology, specifically the study of hypertension and its relationship with inflammation and oxidative stress. After leaving Glasgow, my next postdoctoral stage was carried out in the laboratory of Dr Frederic Jaisser at the Cordeliers Research Center (INSERM U1138) in Paris (France). In this group, I changed my field of knowledge to renal pathophysiology, focusing on studying the mineralocorticoid receptor in general and, more specifically, chronic kidney disease and its comorbidities. In 2022 I joined the University of Valladolid in the group “Cellular Stress and Immunosurveillance” directed by Dr. Laura Senovilla González to develop my own line of research in chronic kidney disease. I am a member of the Spanish Society of Pharmacology and the Spanish Society of Physiological Sciences. In addition, I am a researcher belonging to the Sanitary Research Institute IdiPaz.