Potenciar el vínculo entre la universidad y el museoel proyecto UVaMusEA

  1. Sofía Marín Cepeda
  2. Pablo Coca Giménez
Communiars: Revista de imagen, artes y educación crítica y social

ISSN: 2603-6681

Year of publication: 2023

Issue: 10

Pages: 48-60

Type: Article

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Universities and museums share objectives. Both institutions carry out important educational and research work. The new conceptions that place the visitor at the center of museum practices represent opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between museums and schools and universities to design educational programs that better adapt to the characteristics and needs of schoolchildren. In line with this, the UVaMusEA teaching innovation project tries to connect university and museum by betting on the creation of a learning community between teachers, students and museum professionals that conceives the museum as a learning space. We present the philosophy, work method and results obtained in the project since it began in 2021. Subsequently, we briefly describe 2 of the specific projects developed: Utopian Cities and the Multisensory Outdoor Installations exhibition project. The specific projects developed have allowed us to work with various cultural institutions, mobilizing more than 800 students from the Early Childhood Education and Primary Education Degrees. It is our objective to continue deepening the improvement of training within the university classroom and in the museum, collaborating with them. In this way, the museum will be considered, for all purposes, as an ally, as a learning scenario closely connected to the classroom.